Major Creations is looking for Managers!

What you’ll read, it’s going to be important, I am going to ask some stuff you want to make, but the MOST important thing I want you to do is moderate or/and controll the server, this are NOT comissions, this is something IMPORTANT


We are a Development team making a vary of games and trying to be popular!


As you can see in the tittle, we are looking for 2 managers in the server, 1 to prevent hackers, make a system to give them a banned role, and all that roblox based
And another one to take care of the Moderators, that will make long announcements, that is a great moderator, that can make our discord server, ofc, and in the bot, we want this stuff:
Discord server:
• a Plugin to help you moderate
• Verify system
• BOT announcements
• A kick for being inactive for 10 Days

• Ranking System (banned, top 1 best…etc)
• Anti - exploit
• More very soon!


We are going to pay yearly
Like 75-100 USD yearly (if the group gets a lot of robux we will pay over 500 USD!)

Add me on Discord if you are interested!

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