(MAJOR UPDATE) RobloxOS Previews And Part Updates!

It’s been so long since I told you guys about the major RobloxOS Updates.

  • Added Recycle Bin and right click menu goes where u want it.
  • Improved Login Menu, with a new wifi button and sign in button. and power menus improved.(edited)
  • New Lock Screen background option!
  • new background!
  • action center improved
  • recycle bin and desktop icons fixed.
  • notes optimized and start menu optimized to look better.
  • the powering on, logging off, etc menus have been changed!
  • settings next page and bsod bug fixed.
  • settings menu optimized
  • hover over buttons like Action center, start menu and clock to see a popup
  • right click start menu to get a pop up
  • new friends button (Credit to logan, feature not complete yet)
  • other bugs fixed for closing and opening menus
  • AND MORE most likely!

Features That Are About To Be Released To Insider/Coming Soon:

  • new settings menu redesign! (Not Out!)
  • new app store redesign! (Not Out Yet!)
  • new calculator redesign! (Not Out Yet!)
  • new notes redesign and Ro-Soft Word redesign! (Not Out Yet!)
  • completely new UI Design! (Not Done!)
  • Title Bar of program color customization. (Not Out!)
  • task manager (not done yet!)
  • run and secret command prompt and a secret key (not done yet!)
  • file manager (not done yet!)
  • also hover over apps on the desktop to see some info about them
  • also maybe delete apps?
  • also storage and the power to eventually delete system files
  • and more!

This list will update periodically when features have been released to Insider.
User-Made Programs Update:

  • Task Manager API
  • Monetize Your Game/App!
  • Download The New UI Template!

All Information is on my discord server! Link to it is on RobloxOS game page. in #roblox-os-app-info
Tell Me On My Discord Server if u want to create a app :slight_smile:

Have any questions? Message me!