Make a game like fly race?

I need help and do not know were to start, I love the idea of games like fly race and would like to know how i woulkd be able to generate the different areas (100, 1k 10k 100k)

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I have never played fly race, but if it is about shooting the player you could probably use bodyvelocity.

If you are talking about making a player fly, that’s something you will want to search up.

Best of luck!

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Found my own solution:

local startPos = game.ReplicatedStorage.Generation.Section.Main.Position
local element = game.ReplicatedStorage.Generation.Section
local pos = 0
local val = 100

for i = 1,100 do
	local clone = element:Clone()
	clone.Parent = workspace.Sections
	clone.Main.Position = startPos +,0,pos)
	clone.Main.SurfaceGui.TextLabel.Text = val
	val = val + 100
	pos = pos + 100
	local random1 = math.random(1,255)
	local random2 = math.random(1,255)
	local random3 = math.random(1,255)
	clone.Main.Color =,random2,random3)
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