Make a game like Vibe NYC

Hello Developers I would like your tips and tricks with this idea.

I want to make a game like Vibe NYC but I’m not sure what to start with and how to get the idea for a build.

I’d also like to know how to create a name for it.

Overall I just want to know how to get ideas when building it, like what do I want the whole place to be like.

Looking forward to your responses.

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So I’m not entirely familiar with this genre, but I’ll give this my best go:

For a start, if you’re making a community-based game like that, make sure there is actually enough space for the players, preferably in some sort of unique area. People will enjoy your game more if it doesn’t feel as if they’ve already played it.

Next off, keep things well-lit. From my understanding Vibe-Games are normally supposed to consist of mainly darker colours such as purple or blue, but it’s a good idea to make sure players can actually still see their surroundings. Still use an interesting colour theme, but moderate your use of it.

And lastly, maybe add some interactive features? Everyone likes to feel as if they’re really part of the game, and the best way to go about this is to give the player something to do aside from walking around.

(And as a side-note, music and background ambience can make a huge difference!)

Anyway, I hope this could have helped you come up with some ideas. :slight_smile:


I am about to go check it out and give you some ideas. Vibe NYC sounds like one of those games where you and your friends vibe in a place where you can most likely dance and sit down with custom animations. A game like that seems fairly simple to make. I recommend you to choose a name that sounds chill and relaxing. Definitely do not choose something like “Vibe Gods” that sounds too exciting and doesn’t match it.

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I’ve not really played Vibe NYC much but some important things would be:
Custom Seat Animations
Nice lighting, e.g purple, blue (darker colors basically)
Background Music
Dance animations
Gamepasses such as glowstick, boombox, etc

Hopefully I could help you come up with some ideas!

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I have never been to NYC but some intresting stuff can be like:
A NYC subway vibe
A NYC city vibe

No need to thank me

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