Make a new forum section used for Moderation (See Description)

I’m suggesting we get a forum section where we can report users by posting videos/screenshots of people. I feel like the Report in-game on ROBLOX is not as good because as times we do see that people don’t always tend to get kicked off the game to get moderated.

This could benefit ROBLOX by getting the community to help ROBLOX Staff keep the platform safe from predators and such and hope that we can get them off of here and reported to Law Enforcement.

As someone who grew up playing ROBLOX I have seen many horrible things, and now I have younger family members who play ROBLOX and I have seen people making inappropriate behavior in front of them. People who are making inappropriate jokes and talking about committing terrorism and all those things. Nobody’s children should be seeing these things in games at all. and some people who are adults playing the game making it think it’s okay to be saying horrid things on the internet and having kids see them.

I have decided to join random games at times to see what I find and I’ve seen horrid things being said by users and actions they are doing. There’s a specific game I joined where people are dressing up as nazis and SS officers and I’ve reported them but nothing happens.

(I have no idea if this is even the right forum to post this, please let me know if its not the correct one so I can fix it.)


Hey there, there would be no difference in SLA or user experience compared to using “Report Abuse”. For various security/privacy reasons we may not be able to transparently reply to you as reporter (let go on a public forum for all to see) if we take action on a particular other user.

Please use “Report Abuse” on the platform to report bad content.

For future topics, I recommend phrasing your feature requests as problem statements (also in title) rather than as proposed solutions. We can’t do anything with this thread because it proposes a specific solution that doesn’t work in practice.

If you have problems with moderation in general please report general problems (not specific instances of abuse) in #feature-requests:website-features.