Make a object weightless

I am attempting to make a game that involves that walking on ladders that are held on by constraints, when you walk on these ladders it works fine. Though the game is based on mountaineering which means a backpack is almost necessary, when you wear this backpack it and walk on the ladders at the same time it causes the ladders to either 1. go berserk or 2. start to shake a lot and throw you off. #2 is what happens the most, I presume the problem is the backpack. I was wondering if anyone here could possibly help me fix my problem.

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change the density ?

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already tried that, sort of fixes it but the ladder still shakes. just not as much

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If I recall correctly, hats are weightless, and thus anything inside a hat is weightless. If you put the backpack into a hat, and then have it display correctly onto the person’s back, that should work.

Like I believe if this is on your character, it should be weightless:


How would I be able to do this?


Use :GetMass(), workspace.Gravity, and BodyForce.

local force ="BodyForce")
force.force =, part:GetMass() * workspace.Gravity, 0)
force.Parent = part

Thank you! i was looking for this.