Make a page dedicated to GDPR on the Developer Hub

Currently, understanding of GDPR is limited for the average Roblox developer, and misinformation is often spread about GDPR by those who don’t know better. There should be a page on the developer hub to clear up misconceptions and explain the relevant parts of GDPR in a way that developers can understand.

The topic should include both an explanation of what GDPR requires, and an FAQ, such as:

  • How do I erase all my data?
  • How do I know if I’ve gotten a GDPR request?
  • Do I have to follow GDPR?
  • What data on players do I have to remove and what do I not have to remove?
    • Add explicit, tangible examples of data that should (not) be removed
  • What if I’m not European/from the EU/EEA?
  • What will happen to me if I don’t follow GDPR?
  • I’m not storing addresses or anything like that, why should I clear my data?
  • What if I just force my users to consent to my data collection before they play/use an important feature of my game?

This resource should be written together with Roblox’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) such that we get the most value out of these answers, to avoid them being obvious blanket statements just for the sake of covering Roblox (“yes please remove every single bit of data in all cases”) or misinterpretations of GPDR.


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This is definitely needed there. I tried researching what’s GDPR and after an hour I only came across blog posts that either explain this too vaguely or use too many professional terms without really explaining them beforehand.