Make a part flip and "jump" up

Hey, I am making a game and I would like to achieve a cool little visual effect that propels a part forward and up while making it spin/flip, like in this video:
(128) Slice Master - Pt.1 - YouTube

How would I go about doing this?

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This might help you out. You can use tween service to tween the orientation of the part.

Tween Service

It needs to be physics based. Thanks for the suggestion though.

BodyVelocity and BodyGyro/BodyAngularVelocity combined should be able to achieve a result similiar to the video.

If you would like it to be physics based then apply force on the Y axis of the AssemblyLinearVelocity property and then apply force in the AssemblyAngularVelocity Property. You can start by running the game and clicking on the part and then changing the X axis of the “AssemblyAngularVelocity” property to 15 and then slowly adjusting it to your liking. If you would like to make it jump higher then also tweak around with the Y axis of the “AssemblyLinearVelocity” property.

If you want to make it move forward too then change the Z axis of the “AssemblyLinearVelocity”

Thanks, this is just what I was looking for. However, How would I keep it from moving on all the axes because right now it kind of flops around, whereas in the video it flips but does not flop around.

Are you trying to build a game where the part should only be able to move forward and backwards? Like 3D 2D

If you are trying to make it move only forwards and backwards then you have two options to stop it from going all around. Create a while loop that stops it from going towards other axis by setting the axis to 0 over and over again or you can use collision groups and create two barriers and make it so only the object you are flipping can hit those barriers. This will keep it still and insure that it doesn’t fall out.

Personally I would try the Loop first and if it doesn’t work out then try the barrier method.

That’s what I was thinking of doing. Thank you for all your help.

⠀I’m glad I could help! ⠀ :smile:

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