Make a Part NotCollide with another Part, but Player Collides? (Collision Groups)

I have collision groups made for “players” , “ball” and “walls”

I have a minigames place and for one of them, balls (rocks) roll down a hill and players must avoid them. i have invisible walls so the players cannot climb the hill, but i want the balls to go through the walls.

can anyone assist me on how to achieve this? I have already made the collision groups but it won’t work, and this is probably because I don’t have a script with it, but I am unsure of how to structure the script to get it to work properly.


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All you need to do is assign the appropriate collision group to the each wall and ball.

local walls = {} -- table of wall parts
local balls = {} -- table of ball parts

for wall in walls do
    wall.CollisionGroup = "walls"

for ball in balls do
    ball.CollisionGroup = "ball"

If you don’t have a static table of balls and they are created as the game progresses, just set the collision group right after instantiating it.


Im marking this as solution because this seems it should work, however I used a different method of a NoCollisionConstraint in the ball and that works fine so far.

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