Make a part rotate around another

Hi, I want to make my model rotate in a circle pattern around the enemy npc, however I do not know how to do so. I looked at other dev forums but I could not quite understand. I would like to know how I can do so, thanks!

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I’m not gonna spoon feed but I’m gonna tell you how. You will use CFrame. In a loop you will

Set the object’s position to the target’s position (NOT CFRAME, POSITION)
Rotate the object by one degree
Set the look vector to the target
Offset the object by like -5 z therefore pushing it back
Then offset it by +2 y pushing it up
And set the look vector of the object to target again

If you don’t know CFrame research on it

Is it possible I can make the model rotating just spin while going in the circle pattern or no?

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No that wouldn’t show precision

Alright, I will try that thanks!

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