Make a player stick to a part!

I was experimenting in the studio and I was wondering:
How to make a player “anchor” with the part?
In other words, the player is glued to the part.
Currently I have only done this, I think it should serve what I want to achieve:

if Object.Parent:FindFirstChild(“Humanoid”) then
print(“Character Detected”)


you would want to weld the player to the part rather than anchor them

This could be done fairly simply using

local new ='Weld')

But I wonder how to achieve it?

There are a couple resources you could use to achieve this and learn how welds work. I’d recommend looking into this link first: Welds Wiki Then you could also watch a video too if that will help the learning process. Here is a good one for welds: Weld video

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You can then edit it like so to set the weld like so:

new.Part1 = workspace.Part
Part2 = Player.Character.HumanoidRootPart
new.Parent = workspace.Part

This would set the weld so it welds the character to the selected part

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Could you be more specific please?

I thought it was pretty specific, if you want a glue-type functionality, use the code @topdog_alpha wrote for you and make sure the part that the player is being welded too is anchored. This will prevent the player from moving from the brick AKA glue-type effect. Also take a look at the resources I posted. The ROBLOX Wiki is pretty helpful. One last thing to note, When you want the player to be unglued, make sure to destroy the weld using


Then every time the touched event runs again, if you used the code provided it will make a new instance of the weld and weld the player to the brick.