Make a skinned mesh npc move towards the player?

So I want my new skinned mesh creature to chase the player but when I use any other ai script my NPC doesn’t move. it’s not anchored. so it should move. what do I do?

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Have you weld constrained the mesh parts to the humanoidrootpart? Have you made them massless or a very low density?

I didn’t know you have to weld them. When you say weld you mean motor6d or weld constraint

If you want it to move then motor6d if its just an attachment then weld.

It moves using Roblox’s new bones so I’ll just use an weld

The weld makes it move but this happens

You’ll need to use a character controller on your NPC in order to move it around.

yeah i figured that out but now the movement is janky. video ontop

Have you tried adjusting the HipHeight of the Humanoid? I’d recommend disabling collisions for the large objects & use HipHeight to control how high it sits.

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Yeah it worked! thank you so much. question for animations do i copy over the animate script from the player into the npc?

No, that would not work since it’s a custom character. You’ll need to create your own. You can use an AnimationController to handle your animations. For more information regarding that you can look here: