Make an alternative way to download and upload .csv files of localization tables through the localization settings

As a localization manager, it is currently difficult to update translations while using the .csv files if you’re on the go. It also makes a lot of developers unaware of an alternative to the main localization suite that Roblox also offers.

Currently, you need to open the place you’re localizing in Studio and use the Localization tools plugin to upload the .csv file. This may cause problems if you’re away from a computer because this is the only way one can create backups or upload .csv files.

If Roblox addressed this issue it would make it easier for people to create and restore backups for their localization in case of the localization suite breaking just like it did today. It would make it easier for developers to bounce back from game-breaking localization bugs and put them at ease if something like this would to happen again.


As a person who is constantly assisting developers with configuring localization, I can agree that Roblox does not provide any efficient tools for backing up/saving .csv tables, which is why seeing 1-click alternative solution would be very helpful.