Make arms C0 relative to Head, not to Torso (without changing Motor6D parts)

Hello everyone,
I want to make a similar “viewmodel” system like in Doors/Criminality, where it’s using arms’ C0 to move them up or down when holding a tool or weapon

However when I tried, it looks kinda janky and offsetted:

You can tell it’s more relative to the torso, than the head. I know there’s got to be some sort of math to make it relative to the head, but I don’t know how.

If anyone’s got any ideas, let me know.

Bump, really needing this //////////

Instead of changing original rig’s c0.
u can make a new rig that only has arms. ( in client side )
and then script the rig that only has arms

I know I could do a viewmodel, but that’s not what I need.

Solved it myself /////////////////////

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