Make arms follow mouse at first person

Hello !

I’m making a R15 first person roblox horror game supposed to be VERY smooth and realistic.
Im searching a way to make my arms follow my mouse cursor like when there is an animation playing, when the torso rotate, the body parts above do the same(if possible using UserInputService:GetMouseDelta) like “doors” arms movement when holding a tool like a flash light with a custom animation. Do someone know a script or a method to achive my goal ? (knowing i use a script to show my body at first person)

Tell me if I need to be more precise about something in my question.
Thank you !


you have to first calculate angle beetween mouse and your body(the best option is HRP) then set the motor 6 and integrate it, then you should limit angle and you’ll be done, remember about axis of course!

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Do you know the equation to do that (in lua) ? Sry if it’s sounds dumb, I’m kinda new to roblox studio and I’m not really good with CFrame.

Thanks a lot for your answer !

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you have to make look at pos1 to pos2, then change it to world or object space after this to orientation to get x,y,z

Hum, do you know how to keep the arms joints align with the torso ? Because when doing so, the arms joints stay in the same angle and don’t rotate like the “waist” joint did. Do you know if it’s possible to make the torso rotate and not the joint without causing problems ? Like animations do.

Maybe i should apply the same changes to all others arms joints no ?

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set offset , and only set angle

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