Make Buying My Own Developer Products Free

Making a bulletproof system to sell developer products is tricky and requires a lot of testing.

It would be cool if I could buy my own developer products for free because my costs of testing are racking up!


Already in the works:

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I don’t want mock purchases.

I want to test it using the same infrastructure that the deployed game will use.

Otherwise I will get bugs that are very hard to track down.


Along this line of thought, what would be an even better feature is to continue to charge me for my developer product purchases but then immediately send me a refund as a credit to my account.

Then I am really testing it.


Wish private servers were free as well.


I’m getting interested into what you’re making. Off topic, but wanted to mention that.

I’ve now spent about $50 worth of ROBUX testing my place.


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Just wondering… Why? Just make it R$1 for now. Later, make the real product (in case someone manages to nab it in testing).


  • You’re still spending money, even if it’s a small value
  • You have to update all of your scripts to use “real” IDs when you publish your game
  • That’s not a proper solution to the problem

Well aware. But to spend $50 worth of ROBUX he’d have to spend R$20,000. Something tells me (unless he doesn’t mind burning money, or has R$50,000,000) it’s worth the extra effort than to willingly burn that kind of money.

I agree we need this.

Actually spending money on dev products to test purchases was much less of an issue when you could set their price to 1 tix…