Make class choosing?

Hi! So my goal is to create a class fighting game, where the player can walk up to a “class” and click on it to select it.

I want to have custom animation for all of the classes and also custom characters, like gear, or jet packs etc. Sort of like selection in Slap Battles. I am trying to learn Lua through using scratch which isn’t very similar but gives me an idea of how script works. Any help at all would be appreciated.

A custom fighting system that has buttons for mobile and keys pushed for different attacks as well, which is more complicated but I also want to know how to do that.

well this is a fairly packed question, however maybe try to work things out step by step individually rather than looking at the whole picture. id try maybe to create some sort of leaderstats function that happens when the player joins, with a folder inside of them and a bool value for their class, then maybe try to create a part with a clickdetector function that sets the bool value to the class, it seems rudimentary, but try to work on one thing at a time, and the moveset and datastore stuff can come later as thats sort of more complex more than anything