Make confirming a purchase on Xbox *actually* harder

I think a nice solution would be, to confirm a purchase, you would have to hold down a button for a specific amount of time (like 3 or 5 seconds) while having a sound play as you hold it down. This way it can draw attention to the fact that you’re in the process of confirming a purchase


The issue is that the buttons are mapped to things! You press A to confirm it and B to cancel. Scam games can just prompt you as you’re jumping and suddenly you’ve just clicked confirm.


I think a good solution would be to use the Start and Select buttons for the confirm/cancel prompt, which are reserved for opening the Escape Menu and selecting game GUI respectively. Because developers cannot access these buttons, they would be ideal for making secure purchases.



Having to hold down the purchase button and it filling a ring seems to be a good solution here.

@ above: Those buttons are super unintuitive button mapping for accepting/cancelling a prompt. Making purchases harder doesn’t necessarily have to mean throwing UX completely out of the window like that.


I believe it’s a better solution than adding a cooldown to every prompt. Xbox users shouldn’t have to wait longer to make continuous purchases of things like developer products while users on other platforms can complete transactions instantly, just because of a few foul actors. Using Select/Start would actually be more intuitive, because you’d use one thumb to confirm the purchase and the other to cancel it. It also helps that the Select/Start buttons are unmappable and can’t be used maliciously to hide prompts under gameplay.


No other button prompt in the console app uses this combination. It would break UX.

A user would spend just as much time being confused about needing to press a different set of buttons every time they make a purchase (since nothing else in the app uses the same button combination). Users needing to wait is therefore not a relevant argument here. Purchasing an item is also not something you typically do dozens of times in one play session.

A malicious developer can just as easily put up a prompt for “spam start button to get a reward!” and achieve the same malicious result even if the button cannot be bound for in-game logic. A hold-to-fill-ring makes much more sense for security and is industry standard.


Fair enough. There may also be the issue of prompts preventing the user from accessing the Escape Menu due to the combination using Start, making it less viable.

A bit unrelated, but if Xbox were to get a cooldown on the purchase prompt, such a security measure would work just as well on other platforms too. There needs to be more consistency between versions of Roblox on different devices.


They should implement whatever makes sense and is effective per input mode. Holding down a button makes a lot of sense for gamepad where there is no other safeguard against accidental confirms (you don’t have any other way to target a prompt apart from the few buttons on the controller), but for mouse/touch the considerations are entirely different since the input space is different. Holding down mouseclick to trigger a button is totally not intuitive at all, and for other keystrokes it only really makes sense for diegetic UI elements.


I’m bumping this. My primary console is the Switch, so when I push A thinking it’s B, then I end up buying something. Something like “Press and hold Start for 5 seconds” would be much better.


How are you able to play Roblox on your Nintendo Switch? Ive tried but failed multiple times.


I’m not playing on my switch, it’s just the position of the A button I’m used to


I think, they made an update, so there is a cooldown on purchases…


Hey folks, thanks for flagging this!

We will take a look into improving this behavior, so that its more consistent with other platforms.


Do you mind explaining why the Make confirming a purchase harder - #10 by Hippie_ofDoom solution isnt satisfactory?


Not OP, but they linked to that very reply in the original thread, saying that no noticeable behavior was actually observed.


It’s been a few years so I’d have to verify this, but as far as I’m aware the button to confirm a purchase when prompted is still the same button as jumping. I go over this in the OP, but that lead to me making several accidental purchases because sketchy games prompted me in the middle of jumping puzzles. There needs to be a delay between pressing a button and processing a purchase. My preference would be making it so you have to hold A to confirm a purchase rather than making it one button press.

The solution provided by Roblox was not noticeable at the time I made this thread and based on the activity on this thread, it seems to still not be noticeable. If there was a delay implemented, it needs to be higher, and if there wasn’t one, it needs to be added.


It’s a great idea because some games that support Xbox make the buy pop-up instantly and maybe when you are pressing the “A” button and you make a purchase.
And you are gonna say: “but there is the countdown before you buy a thing” yeah i know but maybe you was spamming the button “A” and you made a purchase a random thing!
I think is a cool idea change the button from “A” to “X” or “Y”.
They are buttons that are not used so much so it will be perfect use this buttons for make a purchase on the Xbox!

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I have spent a decent amount of time using the Xbox version of Roblox. There absolutely needs to be a change done here. I would actually like to add on to the original post a bit. I also play a lot of Roblox VR and I can not tell you how many times I have hidden the GUI just to run into a wall or something and for it to bring a pop up to purchase something I can not see, so when I jump, it buys the item! This is honestly unacceptable and needs an immediate change. I personally think that for controller you should need to hold a button down for a second or two to make a purchase and for VR all purchase prompts should pop up and require you to hold a button down even if GUI is hidden. If you are going to put your hard earned money into Roblox, Roblox should probably provide at least some kind of security over it against these kinds of things.


yeah this is a good idea, it reminds me of how old games used to use the Select button to select stuff and start to confirm.
roblox could make it so u press select and the press start

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I personally think - as @buildthomas said here - having a hold-down period (like how you can already do with ProximityPrompts) is a good idea for all platforms and not just console to make a purchase. This forces people to be 100% sure about the purchase and not cause an accidental purchase when spamming A (or X for the upcoming PlayStation users) or clicking/tapping on the location without paying attention or using an auto-clicker while AFK as examples.

Purchases shouldn’t be too easy and should have at least some effort required by the user, even if it’s just holding down the button for a quarter of a second or longer. I don’t own an Xbox, but I think making purchases harder on all devices is crucial.