Make confirming a purchase harder

As a Roblox player it is currently too easy to accidentally purchase something while playing Xbox. This is because the same button to activate a GUI or jump is used to confirm a purchase.

When playing with some friends yesterday night, I accidentally bought a developer product in a game because I tried to jump at the same time I accidentally triggered the prompt. This is undesirable and hurts my experience as a player. The purchase button should either be turned off until the prompt is fully loaded and open, or there should be an additional action needed to complete a purchase.

I also encountered a game last night that prompted me to purchase a very expensive developer product whenever I went to go jump, which was very scummy but would have worked had I had that amount of Robux on my account. I reported the game after experiencing that, but I fear it might be an easy way to scam users. Changing the behavior of the purchase prompt would help solve this issue as well.


I have received multiple reports from Xbox users claiming this exact issue, and requesting a refund. Of course, I have no official way to do refunds so I cannot handle those claims properly.

This should be addressed.


There’s already a delay (at least, on desktop) between the prompt showing up and the item being purchasable for pretty much this exact reason. Is this not the case on Xbox?


Not from what I saw, no. It might be that it was overlooked because people weren’t being asked to spam click on xbox.


This is something I feel is a decent enough issue to also be something considered for all platforms. It’s pretty easy to accidentally click on that button in some games, especially with a smaller screen. The only major reason I could consider not adding a decent secondary step, or perhaps even a parental PIN for in-game purchases, would be that not having such an option makes it easier to push impulsive purchases.


I launched a game on Xbox and within 15 minutes accidentally bought a game pass while jumping around. This issue must be resolved.


I am planning to release a small game within a week that utilizes purchase prompts for the in-game currency and then prompts for Robux eventually if the user doesn’t have enough. Because I don’t want this problem, I am using X to confirm and B to cancel since X isn’t used for movement. I have the button layout the same, with confirm on the left and cancel on the right, but the bindings on controllers are currently different. Swapping controls mid-game is not good for the user experience. Accidental purchases shouldn’t be something I can easily mitigate with a button change and Roblox can’t, especially when it directly interfaces with Robux that can’t be refunded.


This happened to me a few hours ago on Jailbreak since i was Jumping the whole time. Spent 350 robux on it and i’m not happy. There should be a different button that is binded to confirming the purchase.

People with bad intent can misuse and abuse this feature like the example OP explained in the post.


And would you look at that! It happened again! 500 robux down the drain on games i will never play again.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the confirmation process a bit more difficult - the purchase was literally confirmed and processing at like a tenth of a second. I just wasted 500 robux on nothing thanks to this. I now only have about 20 left. Thanks Roblox.

I have no other device that could run games smoothly so i use xbox as my main device to play games but with this it makes me nervous to even step into a game containing ingame purchases.


This issue should now be resolved! If this issue is still occurring, please create a new topic for us to look into.


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