Make dates on the Roblox website less ambigious

The date formatting throughout the website is very inconsistent, and this leads to me confusing the date and month with one another.

For example, the Join Date on my profile is in DD/MM/YYYY format (I think this is being localised to my location - if you are from the US, you will probably still see MM/DD/YYYY format):

However, other places of the website do not do this. The Created & Last Updated dates of my experience are being displayed to me in MM/DD/YYYY format:

The same also goes for the “My Transactions” page.

In the above image, it is very easy to confuse the Created date as being the 7th of March rather than the 3rd of July. The only reason I knew that the above is in MM/DD/YYYY format is because the 19 in the Updated date has to refer to the day (as months don’t exceed 12)

Expected behavior

Roblox should be using unambigious date formatting, just like how the Messages page currently does.

For example, 7/3/2021 should be displayed as “Jul 3, 2021” (or similar) so that people from countries that use DD/MM/YYYY formatting do not get confused


Hello Muneeb, thank you for pointing this issue out, i will see what else I can find out about this as I too agree this is quite confusing and chippy, i remember some forms also are formatted like this on roblox.

cheers, if possible can you provide a little more context to this issue and provide some colorful photos (everyone likes photos)


I asked for this change too years ago IIRC. Numerical date formats are for computers. Ambiguous and ugly.

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