Make 'Developer Stats' unique to each place

As more games are utilizing the universe feature, it would be nice to see developer stats per place. Right now, if you were to look at developer stats for a place under a game and then another place under the same game, it would show the exact same stats. Developer stats for me are very important as I analyze them to make important monetization steps and other game-play additions.

Reasons to change this are:

  • Helps developers see individual place stats
  • Developers will better make decisions based upon more unique stats
  • We would be able to use a “Hub” showing player count per place easier

Reasons not to change this are:

  • I honestly can’t think of any reason to not change this besides it may be harder to implement than we think?

I know a lot of games use the Universe Feature. For ex. this years’ Egg Hunt. I’m sure they would’ve loved to see how each individual place was doing on terms of revenue, visits, avg time length, etc.

Thanks for reading:)

P.S. I wouldn’t mind seeing more statistics either.


I’m all for more analytics. What is provided by default is quite mediocre in my opinion and I’m always excited for more detailed information.


Yeah, and i’ve heard they do track more statistics, they just don’t show it to us?

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Even though I wouldnt use it, it still sounds like a good idea. You could for example tell by recent visits etc. which gamemode for a game is most popular and which is the least so you can work on the game better.

While this may have its uses, I would also like to track all the stats from my game as a whole too