Make Display Text Dissapear

So this is just a quick question but let me clarify,

With Images B)


Here is my Speedometer GUI.
The 3 Zeros are greyed out, In short I want the Zeros to become a number but keep the ones next to it.

Like this:

Sorry for the amazing writing skills.

Any Ideas how I could achieve this?

You could set the transparency of the text to 1 when the white text changes, or you could disable Visible on the text.

How about breaking the 87 into single white digits as well as breaking the 000 into separate images.
That way if the total value is below 10 (let’s say 4) then the first 2 0s would be grey and the last digit would be a white 4.

the issue with this is that the text label is one object, I want to keep the 0 that is next to the Speed Number Visible Like this,

I’ll try this Idea Now, I’ll let you know if it works

Do you know any way I could split the Velocity into 100ths, 10ths and Single Digits?

If I’m interpreting what you’re trying to achieve properly, I’d have two different images that you change depending on their speed.

For example, if they’re travelling under 10mph, add your number and use this image:


If they’re going over 10mph but below 100mph then this image, etc:


Working out whether it’s single digits, tenths or hundreds can easily be done by checking the velocity value is above 1 and below 10, etc.


That’s actually a really good Idea.

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