Make Drafts sync across devices

As a Roblox developer it is currently impossible to work on code on more than one device because the drafts do not transfer over devices, meaning I’d have to commit changes for it to transfer, which I don’t want to do everytime I switch between devices.

Currently when I switch to another device the new scripts are blank, and I have no drafts (this is on TC btw).

If this was addressed I would be able to actually develop, currently I can’t work on my projects because my main PC is occupied.


Thanks for the feedback, @HilyrHere. We have this on our backlog, though we don’t have an ETA for it. We’ll post an announcement when we enable this functionality.


Please look into it soon because I just lost like 1 month of scripting progress because of this feature not existing. Before formatting my disk drive I forgot about commiting the drafts on my project since I didn’t really think about it, I subconsciously assumed that it would just transfer over like other changes on team create do, but the changes are only local to that hard disk.

This is seriously unintuitive and I don’t want anymore ppl going through this nonsense

I use both a Windows PC for home and a MacBook Pro for school. I’ll often start drafting a script on one and finish it on the other. Currently this is impossible without having to remember to commit the changes. If this was added it would be very useful.

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