Make Element Partly Transparent when Outside Frame

I am creating a role selection GUI. The role in it is selected by swiping between cards with information about roles.

There are cards with info on the right and left edge of the role selection panel.

When a card is swiped, it will glide to the left (or to the right) and stay there, replacing the card which was on the edge before. The card on the opposite edge will then go to the middle and replace the just moved card’s position.

My question is:

When a card is on the edge, is there a way to make the part of it which sticks out transparent, thus so that only the parts of the cards on the edges which are inside the frame are visible?

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After a lot of searching, I realized I can use the ClipsDecendants property on the frame to achieve this!

Or use a CanvasGroup and put a UIGradient inside it.

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