Make "Feature Requests" Category Open to Members and Higher

One of the main reasons I joined the Roblox DevForum was to post a feature request for Roblox.
The only problem is you must become a regular to post in the “Feature Requests” category.

Please make the Feature Requests category open to people with the “Members” rank rather than only “Regulars” and higher. More DevForum users creating Feature Request topics means more ideas for making Roblox more efficient.

Who should have the ability to create Topics in “Feature Requests”?
  • Member (or higher)
  • Regular (or higher)
  • No one
  • Other – please reply below with your idea.

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I totally agree with you, but I also disagree, I know that how to become a Regular is really hard, and that if you don’t find out then you can’t post in there, it that was made because there’s a lot of false 13+ users, and if they would do this, there would be a lot of: “Stop Epxloiters” and “Make Developing Easier” feature requests, they are currently reworking the Trist System, so that everybody will be able to post everywhere or something like that, I’m not sure, I can’t now for sure, a better solution would be to make am something that’s in the middle between Members and Regulars, so there’s gonna be less risk of trash posts

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I agree with you as well. But what if there is a serious issue with Roblox Studios that must be fixed immediately? If the user that found this issue was only a Member, then it would be impossible for them to recommend a feature request as they have not been on the DevForum long enough. But then again, you could also try posting in the “Development Discussion” or “Bug Report” category…

Maybe Roblox should open the “Development Discussion” category to Feature Requests additionally.

No, the #development-discussion category shouldn’t be opens for that, it’s for discussion, not #feature-requests, and if there is an issue, they can post it in #bug-reports/contact @bug-support, and if there’s a very big issue then it’s not that only one person it’s gonna find out probably

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Huge disagree here. This used to be the case for both #bug-reports and #feature-requests but because the categories were being filled up with trash (even with a small group of volunteers doing their best to prevent this) it was ultimately locked to regulars so that it’d be easier for engineers to go through requests without needing to additionally sort through meaningless posts.

That is not the case. At the time when I got promoted, I didn’t own nor was I working on any popular games and that is still the case. Being a regular means that you can carry yourself enough to be trusted to not spam the more important categories with nonsense. Stop spreading misinformation. A staff member already told you that it’s not the case.

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How did you do that? But also there’s still people that get promoted just when they join the DevFrouk from waht I’ve heard, it’s not clear how you become a Regulr, but still, I also disagree with you, as how to become a Regular is very hard to understand, there’s a lot of Members that have good ideas, and don’t spam in the DevForum, so there’s still a problem with the Trust System, luckily they are reworking it

What do you mean by that?

I mean Regular is very bad @Dede_4242

No, what dot oh mean with

I mean you have to send on @Bug-Support And then you can post on all topics

That’s not true, if you message @bug-support you can’t post in all topics
هذا ليس صحيحًا ، إذا قمت بإرسال رسالة إلى @ bug-support ، فلن تتمكن من النشر في جميع الموضوعات

Really? So you just have to contact someone @Bug-Support and then you have access to feature requests? It doesn’t even let me see the members of the group…

No tu doesn’t work, i once contacted @bug-support and I can’t post in there

It looks like you can only send them a message.

Yes, that’s the only wAy a Member can post a #bug-reports

For one, I don’t spread misinformation. Secondly, I got promoted around mid 2019 when the (now defunct) post approval was being introduced.

Because there is technically no system for it to begin with. With PA being shut down in 2021 I believe, there hasn’t been any update to that since. Even then, the requirements will still be vague so people wouldn’t game the system.

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Ok, i get it, Guess We will only ah e to wait for the Trust System Uodate…

It still isn’t clear how to become a Regular. Maybe there should be an in-between category with more privileges like creating Topics in Feature Requests. Though I still feel its way too hard to post in feature requests if you are only a member of the DevForum. Either the DevForum should make it easier to become a Regular or make an additional category ranking DevForum users.

They’re still working on it… just gotta be a little more patient…

Do you know where they have more information about the update?

It looks like the ‘Feature Requests’ Category will be more open after DevForum releases its trust system update. Just marking this as the solution