Make game-dev FUN with this team create pranking plugin!


Team Create Pranking Plugin

Make game development FUN!
Become invisible, play sounds, and much more!

:closed_book: Video Guide | :arrow_forward: Free Plugin

Inspired by Team Create Hats and Words Of Encouragement

Game development can get booooring…
My goal is to make it just a little bit more fun!

With this plugin, you can play jokes on your unsuspecting friends…

• Bamboozle them with notification sounds!
• Make them think someone famous joined with fake orbs!
• Become invisible and do anything you desire!
• Deep fry the entire map or make it translucent!
• And much more!

Don’t worry:
If you leave while a prank is active, just rejoin and press the panic button to fix the map!
There’s no way to permanently damage a map as long as you use the panic button!

Before you use the plugin, you will be asked to agree to these terms:

• Do not impersonate anyone without their permission.
• This plugin should be fun for both sides. Don’t ruin people’s work!

The plugin is available above for free!


thats a really good idea, but yeah whoever you prank is surely going to be really mad :laughing:


I’m quite sure it makes things fun, but I also feel that this would take away from production time. You end up having so much fun you forget to release for say an update by the deadline.

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In the vid it says “Don’t impersonate people” but then you have a feature to pretend that you are someone that you are not :laughing: . I think you will find that is kinda classified as impersonation.

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Don’t use real names is the point.

It’s okay to impersonate “john doe” or something.
It’s not okay to impersonate “LifeDigger”.

I have to say this so I am not to blame for causing impersonation.

Cool idea, I like it a lot and would use it if I had a dev team. Nice work!

Unfortunately I will use this plugin, but for other stuff :smiling_imp:

What I mean is that I want to take a look at it’s source code. Awesome stuff, though!

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you forgot to credit the guy who first made this, the great @geometricalC2123

playin loud noises would be fun

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If you have a source for this originally being made by someone else, we should probably report the thread for rule 17 Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum - #27 by Roblox

Global Rule 17
17. Do not claim credit for work that you did not create. This includes, but is not limited to: building, scripting, compositions, animations, 3D models, and artwork.

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Could you at least provide a source?

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Plugins are an optional feature you can download. Its not the plugins fault if someone downloads this and take away from production time because its their fault for getting it in the first place.

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I love this! Great work :)) I’ll definitely try to use this

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I haven’t heard of another plugin like this before but if there is I’d like to see it. :slight_smile:

I made this myself in the past 8 months.

The code is pretty nice, no duplicated logic.

But it is all in one script and there’s no roact.

This was just to save time because it is a small plugin.

It’s an easily expandable table of buttons though so you can add your own ideas.

I’m sure it uses some nice API for Team Create that I don’t know, or some hacky methods, since it basically removes players from the playerlist. Really excited about it.

game.players.player.parent = nil

Its a funny oversight that might be fixed eventually.


You should make the fake users move in a bezier arc so it looks more natural! and sometimes rotate whilest standing still
Also a chance for one to examine a part or look at it

I’ll do my best.

Remember you can also attach an orb to your camera while invisible to do that.


Update on that. I succeeded in adding an arc system and will have an update out soon! :slight_smile:

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I don’t think you should be encouraging users to vandalize a team create game with your plugin. Users have no reason to trust that your rollback code will always work, and won’t leave behind artifacts or garbage throughout the entire game. This is not a fun prank either, inspiring despair is funny to only one person: yourself if you’re a sadist.

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