Make GridSize More Streamlined

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too difficult to adjust the GridSize.
At the moment, the process of changing the GridSize is as follows:

  1. Mouse over to and click the textbox
  2. Type in a new value, costing anywhere from one to four keystrokes
  3. Press Enter, mouse back to what you’re doing, and continue

While it does seem to take a very minimal amount of time to do this, it entirely interrupts the flow of building. Depending on how often you’re changing the grid size, your work rate can be reduced by several minutes.

To fix this, I have two suggestions:

Unlock (and update) GridSize. GridSize is a long-forgotten property of the plugin object:

This should be updated to be a number value, and also to allow plugins to change it. Developers would be able to create plugins allowing finer control and easier adjustment of GridSize.

Create GridSize “Profiles” that can be toggled with a keyboard shortcut. Keyboard shortcuts are a developer’s best friend, and should be treated as such. By pressing one key, one could switch from one grid size to another. Regarding UI design, I think profiles should be editable via a dropdown or popup window with a UI very similar to the existing widget.

The ability to change the grid size is essential to any Roblox builder, and improving the ease of access will speed up the building process for all.

Thanks to @cloakedyoshi for the idea.


I actually came here to suggest a way to edit increments through plugins. Definitely something that would help out.

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Plugins are currently being changed. As a result of this change, a new class called PluginGui is being developed. That strongly hints that the normal method for making plugins may be depreciated after the new class is released, so this feature request should be for that new class. Nonetheless, this would definitely help some people.

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Plugin API is not going away. PluginGuis are for docked plugins (like the explorer/etc) – see @maximum_adhd’s update notes for more info.