Make hand parts of two bundles transparent for better customization

Hello there!

I have been thinking about this issue for a while and decided to finally bring it up here.
There are two bundles on the Avatar Shop both costing R$ 5,000, which have a set fixed hand color (pastel orange), that cannot be changed with the body color option in the avatar section.
Since none of these packages are of the new Rthro type, and with no custom head included in the bundle, I would claim they would be overall better and more attractive products if the hands were transparent. I myself own one of the bundles, the “Ten Million Robux Man”, and the fixed color on the hands limits the possibilities of skin tone customizations.
Also, there is a similar bundle called “The Crook” which has transparent hands, which in my experience is more widely purchased and used because of this.

Link to the two bundles:

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