Make Hats more prominent (over clothing) in mobile catalog search

As a mobile roblox user, it is pretty hard to find a hat you want, as clothing items just drown out all the (UGC) hats in the search results. It doesn’t help as the filter was removed as well. (Mainly aiming at UGC)

Ever since the new catalog UI update for mobile, I have not been able to search or filter any UGC items, which just makes me either:

  • I go onto the roblox website on my phone, (not in app) and whenever i scroll down new items just dont appear. (So basically this doesnt work)

  • I have to scroll down all the way in the community creations tabs instead of searching what i want in hopes of me finding a UGC hat that appeals.

Heres a video, and I use a UGC item for the example.


Please add a filter or make hats the number 1 option when searched.