Make highlights work independently

Hi everyone :wave:,

Whenever I have 2 highlights overlapping, they get merged to 1 depending on the camera angle. They are 2 separate highlights on 2 seperate parts.
So my question is: How can I have 2 completely independent highlights?

The highlights are overlapping like this: a small part is on top of a bigger one, they are both in the same folder but they’re not parent-child or anything:

And if I give them both a highlight, then depending on the camera angle the small highlight does or does not get shown:

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if this is intentional behaviour, it makes some sense having them merge to a single “outline”. But in my case I really need them to stay seperated in any camera angle.

Is this intentional behaviour? If so, is there any way to work around it and have 2 independent highlights? Any insights or references to other posts that I might have missed would help a lot, thank you in advance.

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I don’t think there is any official way to evade this effect. This is basically how highlight is working.