Make it easier to get our own plugin files back

The issue:

As a Roblox developer, it is currently very hard and annoying to get your plugin files at the ready to edit them again if you lose them.

Example Case:

Let’s say that you’ve made a plugin a couple of months ago and you were positive that it was at 100% completion; no bugs, no extra ideas, and no optimizations left to make. Then after publishing it, you decide to delete it as you had believed that you no longer need to do anything with it. Then sometime later, you realize that there was something else that you needed to do with it; to make a fix, add something to make it better, etc. However, you have no idea where you left it or what place might’ve held it before so you could do a version reset to get your work back. Now you’re stuck with nothing (unless you fancy starting all over from scratch again). If only there was a way to get back your work with ease…

As it currently stands:

There are only 2 convoluted methods (that I know of) of getting them back. Mind you that I doubt these methods should stick around given now plugins can be put on sale now:

  1. Browsing through your local Roblox files and hoping that you either find an auto-saved place that has your work or the plugin file itself.
  2. Basically, what was discussed in this post here: you can download it from the site if you use a certain URL, turn it into a .rbxm file and insert it manually.

Idea for a solution. Just an idea.

The Toolbox is a tool at our disposal that has always made it easy to insert things in the game. This goes from models, sounds, images, etc. Now there are also tabs for plugins, and it would be nice that if plugins made by you only were able to be inserted in the game so you can work on them once more.
Plugin Toolbox

It would greatly help to have the ability to get your work back if you lose it just as easily as it is to insert models, decals, and sounds.