Make it possible to hide your Robux wallet for screenshots/streaming purposes

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to hide your robux.
This would also benefit youtubers too.
In case you’re wondering why you would ever need to hide your robux, let me explain.

I often like to post images of my development of games in my discord server. Or just take a quick photo for another purpose. The problem is, I don’t want people seeing how much robux I have. I like to keep it private.
I don’t have any editing software so I have to make an ugly drawing with a pen, and then it looks obvious that my robux is hidden, and people might ask questions, which I also hate.
I don’t have any limited or stuff for that same reason.

Another reason this would benefit developers, is group walls.
I like to keep my group walls open, for chatting, and bug reports. However, around 70 - 80% of these posts are ALL asking for robux. I made it clear on my group description that asking for robux isn’t allowed. I can’t delete all the posts or exile all the users; there are just so many of them!

If people can’t see my robux, I doubt that as many people will ask.

Also, I get a LOT of messages for people asking for robux too. I keep my messages open for people who want to ask questions and send me bug reports, not for some kid to demand robux.


Most YouTubers either edit on their own or have editors that can easily censor or just don’t show the Robux in their videos…

If people are asking questions, just tell them to leave you be. People don’t have to know your business even if they ask.

Many people do that no matter what you do so the best thing to do is to just simply ignore it until Roblox adds a way to block those messages.

Best thing to do is to send the bug reports to Discord or Twitter and close your DMs or make them followers only.


How about downloading a free image editor?


As a top developer, I can vouch this is something we could use. Having Robux visible all the time is like having your bank account open on your screen at all times. I’m sure you can see how this is a problem for top devs. It’s not very difficult for anyone to google the DevEx rate, then do 1 simple calculation to convert my Robux to USD.

This is a big privacy issue. Here are some use cases I have…

There are often people around my computer while I’m on Roblox. I have two computers in my office room, so sometimes someone is using the computer right behind me. Other times, someone may pop in the room for something. These people can easily see my Robux on my computer screen. I could just minimize my browser while someone is in (which I usually do), but I still need to get work done on the website, so I can’t have it closed all day!

Another scenario is screen sharing or recording. I’ve had to record my screen multiple times just for capturing Roblox bug reports. As someone not familiar with editing video, I’ve spent over an hour trying to edit my videos to hide the Robux amount. Sometimes I want to screen share development work on Discord, but I cannot show the Roblox site while sharing because I don’t want to show my R$ amount. Although, I’ve accidentally done this before!


I support this as well as I usually censor/crop the robux part in my screenshots. This could be as easy as expanding the current dropdown with a hide/show option. Here’s a quick concept I made in inspect element: