Make it possible to lock the position of dockable widgets

I keep grabbing and ripping the animation editor out of the Studio window by accident. I should be able to click a tiny button on the widget topbar to lock/unlock dragging and docking of the widget so I don’t accidentally do this.

You can see here that the timeline you must drag the mouse on in the animation editor is very close to the draggable topbar of the widget, which results in accidentally ripping the widget out of where it’s docked.

I do this multiple times in only a half hour.


The last time I opened the animation editor I did this at least 14 times before finishing a walk cycle.


I cant get over how infuriating this becomes when using plugins that have click and/or dragging required to use as i might accidentally move the whole widgets out from its original position. And also not to mention that sometimes trying to put the widgets back in their original spot can also be very infuriating sometimes