Make Part Color same as ImageColor3

I’m wanting to make a part the same color as my ImageLabel. I am using a Color Picker and am wanting to make the color selected the part color but I am not sure how.

My main task is to get my part to be the same color as the ImageLabel.

The Player presses a button and then the current color the ImageLabel is at will be the part color.


local changeColorButton = path
local imageLabel = path
local part = path + use remote events if you want to change the color on the server

local function onActivated()
   local imageColor = imageLabel.Color -- correct me if it's wrong
   part.Color = imageColor


Believe it should be
imageLabel.ImageColor3 ?

Try that I think it’s ImageColor3 as well.

Works just as I needed it to. Thank you very much!

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