Make part face same direction as wedge's sloped face

Say I have this wedge here:

What cframe properties should I access so I can spawn a part at the wedge’s position, AND have it face the same direction as the sloped face? Like so:

I’ve tried messing around with the cframe look vector, but it just produces the same results again and again. What should I do here?

this will work regardless of the orientation of the wedge:

local wedge = workspace.Wedge
local partToRotate = workspace.Part

local ang = math.atan2(wedge.Size.Z, wedge.Size.Y)

partToRotate.CFrame = wedge.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(ang, 0, 0) *, 0, -5)

Solved. I set the part I wanted to spawn’s cframe to the cframe of the spawn position times the orientation of the wedge piece.

local car_cframe = OF WHERE TO SPAWN MODEL) * CFrame.Angles(0, math.rad(ROTATION OF THE WEDGE PIECE), 0)