Make plugin:SaveSelectedToRoblox() return an assetId

Title says it all, make plugin:SaveSelectedToRoblox() return assetIds.


  • The popup is cancelled or if the upload fails, return 0.
  • The upload is successful, return the asset Id of the uploaded thing.

For example, this would help developers connect certain models in-game to their uploaded counterparts. (since we already know what is selected through Selection:Get())

I’ve made a “level editor” for my game, however, I am unable to connect the in-game level to its uploaded counterpart because I cannot get its asset ID. I have found an alternative, which involves asking the user to manually copy the asset ID. However, this process can be inconvenient and repetitive for the user and also annoying to the developer, since I now have to validate that asset Id and make sure that the correct asset Id is passed, along with enforcing other rules, insead of just grabbing the passed asset Id from plugin:SaveSelectedToRoblox().


Give some use cases, explain more, that’s what you need to do, or roblox won’t come to your post


Why return 0 and not nil? This seems less intuitive, why not output an error for the function (which can be caught via pcall) if the operation fails and return nil if it was cancelled, this is way more intuitive! Again as @VSCPlays stated, please include use-cases in your feature-requests! Not only is it required as-per How to post a Feature Request but it also gives other developers a better understanding of what you are requesting and let’s them support your feature in a more broad scope (they are supporting the feature in itself rather than your “proposed solution” that may not benefit all developers)


That could also be a great addition, literally anything is better than nothing in this case. However, the point here is that :SaveSelectedToRoblox() should at least return something. I don’t understand how it isn’t already returning anything to begin with. Perhaps it was an oversight, who knows…?

Also my bad about use-cases, It seems that my edit didn’t go through or I didn’t publish it initially. After
I published this post I was supposed to edit in a use case.

P.s. There isn’t much to explain here since I am requesting that a function returns something rather than nothing. :wink:
The proposed solution, even if it existed, wouldn’t benefit 95% of Roblox’s developers. Only those who are making plugins might find it useful, but even they might choose not to use it. This request could enable those very specific cases where explaining the use of it would be a waste of time, mainly because very few people would actually be interested, or very few would use the feature itself.