Make references clickable in the documentation


I’ve noticed that the documentation is really bad at being efficient and user-friendly when it comes referencing other content. Apparently we have to manually search every single thing we want to get linked to. It’s a waste of time for readers.

Articles don’t get linked, instead they get formatted like inline code like so: Article/ARTICLE_NAME. This is absolutely useless when a link could have just been put there instead. This goes for other content, too, such as functions and property names (although they should also still be formatted like code), however these aren’t as bad as the article references.

As an example, here’s a screenshot from the DataStores page. There are three items that should be linked. pcall, a specific built-in function, and two articles.

I searched up this page so I could find out what the limits where, but now I have to do a search again for a completely different article – and the search feature isn’t that great either, so I need to navigate to at least two additional pages before I find the information I want (even if what I am searching has only one applicable page, such as the ‘BasePart’ API reference). Finally, searching up exactly what the article referenced (in my case, ‘Articles/Datastore Errors|limits’) didn’t give me anything. Not only is the reference inactive, it’s pretty much useless!

Please improve this. Thanks.


Agreed, this is one of a few things I’m still having issues with on the new API Reference pages.