Make Setting Keybinds Easier With KeybindMaker! (Version 1.2.0) UPDATE!

Hi I’m That Guy.
I have made a module to make setting your Keybinds easier
With the help of Keybind Maker u can set up ur Keybinds more easier

local KeybindMaker = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.KeybindMakerForTest).new()
local CustomState = "Custom"

local Keycode1 = Enum.KeyCode.E
local Keycode2 = {Keycode1, Enum.KeyCode.Q}

KeybindMaker.Keybinds.Test = 
		Keybind = Keycode2,
		Action = function(State,input,GPE)
			--Something Here

local Test = KeybindMaker.Keybinds.Test


Test.Action:Connect(function(State,input,GPE) -- Optional
	if State then
	elseif State == "Custom" then
	elseif State == false then
		print("ok but end")



Table.Keybind = “The Keybinds” (u can only use Enum.KeyCode here and can be changeable)
Table.Action = “When u Hold the Keybind this function will be fired” (Automatically turns into a signal u can :Connect() )
MakeKeybinds() = “U can put a table inside it or u can use the module’s table if wanted”
RemoveKeybinds() = “Stop All the Connection on the Module” (making it stop)
ChangeKeybind(ActionName,Keybind,Index(Optional If Table))
Trigger(ActionName,customStuff Here) = “Can be used to make custom functions on the module can be used on ur gui etc.”


Version 1.1.0
Removed ActionEnd
Added RBXSignal On Action Automatically turns into a signal (function still works somehow pretty neat)
Version 1.2.0
Added A :Trigger() function

The New Fuction :Trigger() can be used for Custom Stuff u can add as much Arguements as u like
u can add :Trigger(ActionNameHere,“Custom”,Enum.Something,idk)

(u can reply if u find any error to the new function)

The Link Is Here

(u can change the script if u wannted its free)
(this is also my first time Posting something here)
(i made this when i was bored so dont troll me i was literally bored when i made this)


This is useful. Thank you!
I have been looking for a good way to make a keybind module for game pad.
One that would let me have a set of binds for the game pad and the a second set perhaps when I held left trigger as a “shift” I just haven’t been able to code it correctly. This gets me part of the way there.

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This also helped me for little bit but there is no way to make it triggers by pressing without having to hold and release.

is it possible to Make actions triggered by pressing Key?? i don’t see any API that i’m lookin for.

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i might add that in the future or maybe rn
this might be useful something like

keybindmaker:Trigger("Test") --?
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