Make shop items disappear if player has purchased them

So basically I have a game with a shop system that fills the shop based on what’s in a shop folder in repstorage, how would I make it so this shop detects if the player owns certain items, and removes those items from the shop tab specifically? Items are stored in tables like this.

the shop:

You could check if the player has those items in his Backpack or StarterGear, and if he does, destroy the frame that resembles those items for him.

well it’s not all gears. There’s sounds used when you tag someone, different character packs, and dances as well as gears

You can make a LocalScript and have it delete itself if player has purchased the item successfully.

You could make a table to store the players item inventory, and make a function that would delete said item if the player already has that item in it’s table. DataStoreService can come in handy for this.

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