Make spline curves (from the upcoming particles) Lua accessible and a new variable instance

I don’t know if this was already planned with the release of this new property type, but assuming it’s not, it would be great to see spline curves as a new type of variable instance that could be read and edited by scripts. This would be really useful for creating distribution curves as parameters for procedural generation, for example.

A great use case for this would be customized interpolations for things such as transparency of parts/guis. It could also be used for interesting 3D animations where the part goes further than its end goal and bounces back. The applications are pretty numerous.

They already are.

Any insight on how it works?
There’s no API dump for built-in roblox data types (as least, as far as I know)

It’s all pretty straightforward - keypoints, sequences, ranges. You’ll be able to read the docs on the Wiki.
Edit: In the meantime, you can play with this file on gametest2

Max is the real MVP.

Which Max are you referring to (just kidding lol)
My name is Max as well :stuck_out_tongue: