Make StudioTools Respect Part.Locked


Change the Select, Move, Scale, Rotate and Transform tools so that their mouse raycast selection ignores parts that have enabled the .Locked property.


I frequently find my selection blocked by a locked or invisible locked that I don’t want to be selecting because I literally cannot select it. This means I have to move my camera over through the part so I can select the part I want to select.

Oh noes! I can’t click on my tree! If I can’t select an object that’s Locked, why would I want my Select tool to catch on it?

Situations where this would be incredibly helpful:

  • Many developers use .Locked, .Transparency = 1 as indicators or map barriers. Builders need to be able to select and move parts that intersect with these meta parts.
  • Using a locked transparent part as size guidelines for building (can’t select what’s inside the locked transparent part if your camera is outside!)
  • Plenty more!

To prove my point further, I’ve even included a demo place! Try to select the objects in the workspace with the Select tool. locked.rbxl (46.7 KB)

If I can’t see it and I can’t select it, I don’t want my mouse to get caught by it.


I support this. It would also be very useful in cases where you are working on rigging a car for example and can lock the body, for example, but still be able to click on the suspension rigging that is inside of the bounds of body.