"Make sure there is enough hard drive space.."

• Describe the bug. Ok.
I’m not sure when this began to happen but I remember it being a few weeks ago out of nowhere. Studio starts up normally, I can open any place I want. A few minutes after, it locks up and throws me an error.
This error is followed up by:213213
Clicking yes does not solve the problem, but only makes the “Failed to AutoSave” popup to disappear forever.
I do have more than enough space.unknown

• How often does this happen?
Everytime I boot up roblox and open a place.
I’m unsure of the steps to reproduce it. It just, happens. Right as I wrote this I heard that windows 10 error sound and guess what, it’s the same “Save File Failure” popup I’ve had for the past weeks.
I could provide places where this error pops up, but it happens quite everywhere. On a place I owned for years, or a newly-created baseplate.

• Where does this bug happen?
It isn’t place-specific. It happens on the default Roblox Studio. (I did fully reinstall it!)

• When did this bug start happening?
Sadly I can’t provide an estimate. A few weeks ago at best.

If there’s anything else I need to add, be sure to tell me!
(god i hope i did everything as I should’ve and I haven’t made a fool of myself.)

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Have you tried disabling any antivirus software you have installed? Have you installed any other software recently?

I have Windows Defender which I have tried to disable to see if was the cause of this, but the same happened.
I also downloaded MalwareBytes recently, but the error in question began before I had installed it.

No other recent software!

Do you have Windows Defender Ransonware Guard enabled?

To check, look under:

  • Windows Defender Security Center
  • Virus and Threat Protection (scroll to bottom)
  • Select “Ransonware Protection”
    If Controlled Access is on, this can prevent applications from working correctly. You’ll either need to grant the application permissions thru the controlled access screen or turn it off all together. I personally turn it off as it’s still a bit iffy and then turn it back on when done.
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I’ll check right now.

EDIT: You’re a lifesaver man!

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