Make text start moving across SurfaceGUI after certain amount of characters

Ill try to explain this the best I can,

So I have a text label that takes different words from a table, well the surfacegui isnt massive so it can only fit around 2 words inside it. Well if I have 3+ words it doesn’t show up (because theres no room in the surfacegui boundaries) as shown in this picture

I wanted to know if there’s any possible way to have it detect if a certain amount of characters have been inputted in the text label and start making the text sliding across the “screen” to show the rest of the words.

Here is a real life example to kinda visualize what i’m trying to accomplish, Real life example

How would I start to go about this process. I know I would probably have to setup a string.len somehow and have it check the amount of characters. Im just a bit unfamiliar with this concept and how to use it.

Thanks ahead.