Make that bar visible that is in topics with 0 replys

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As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to … view the read count of the topic without replying to that topic

you know that bar that appears when someone replys
i want to make that always visible

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because …i would be able to view the read count of the topic

i want to see how many people have read my topic without replying to that topic
this bar

did not want anyone else on the image for privecy


It isn’t really important to know how many people interacted with your post. If you really care about it, just go to the category it was posted in and read the views from there.


Or even better, go to and you can see these stats across all of your topics.


Why? Explain your use cases. Currently your post has no justification at all except “I want this because I want it”.

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i want to be able to see the view count in my topic
so i know how many people read my topic 500 people with no replys is not good because maybe i did something wrong

Views aren’t how many people view your topic, its the amount of times they view it. (I believe there’s some sort of time you have to spend on the thread for your view to count).

You can already see the views on topics without any replies.

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