Make the Camera Draggable?

I was looking at posts about draggable gui’s and I’m wondering if you could do the same thing with the camera?


I know that you can definitely manipulate the camera with the mouse but draggable? I’m not too sure what you mean, like a top down draggable view?

Could you maybe show a reference of what your trying to achieve?

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Sure, here’s a video:

(Sorry for the wait)

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local frame =

-- (this works with every gui element) --

frame.Active = true
frame.Draggable = true
frame.Archivable = true

-- just turn these 3 properties to true then you are good to go!

The camera is not a gui element.

@dexanddeb It’s a strange angle I’m trying to get, it’s almost a top-down view. I’ll try to give you a reference though. You know the angle of the GameCube logo or the new unity logo? That angle.

Draggable is deprecated by the way

I think I know what you mean, I’m gonna try to prototype a script in a bit for you

I cant guarantee i can get it to work but I’ll try my best

Its still works, draggable is been deprecated for 2 years now still not removed.

Also my apologies I didn’t noticed that you want to do it with camera.
To be honest, I’ve never seen a screen being draggable and is impossible, unless you want to move camera instead?

Oh I wasn’t talking about that I didn’t even know it existed. I probably should use different wording but I was talking about custom draggable properties.

Yeah, sorry for being unclear about that I mean the camera when I say screen. :sweat_smile:

Edit: I’ve changed the title.

So just a quick question, you basically want a system where when you click and drag, it moves the camera around?

Edit: If that’s a yes, then it is totally do-able. It’s been done in many games before, and can still be done.

Yeah charlimit

So you’re looking for an effect like this?

^ Video is from a game I’m working on rn with a few other people.

Ah, not that. In my game you should hold down on the screen to move around and see what’s what. It’s not an effect like that I’m looking for, sorry.

Edit: I saw your reply and I realised you read it wrong so I made it more clear on what I’m trying to achieve.

The camera’s moving, not the game actually. So you want to be able to basically “scale” the viewport where you can adjust what part of the screen can see the workspace?

You can use a viewport frame that replicates everything in the workspace using a screengui and adding world model then making it draggable here’s a video on youtube that explains how to use worldmodel and viewport frames


is that even possible to achieve?

Sorry I think you’re all thinking this is more complex than it is. I just want the camera to move with the mouse when held down.

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Let me see what I can do, hold on.