Make The Notification Menu Size Is Annoing On iPhone

So, because I use iPhone, there’s the bar at the bottom, which goes away when I scroll up, and there’s a problem, I can’t explain it so I will just put an image:
As you can see, the bottom thing is over the shortcut, I can access it from the profile, but that shortcut is faster, and this is bugging me, if you would
Be able to address this issue it would be great!

Edit: I’m not able to put the video, give me a few minutes


Download the Discourse app directly, and open devforum from there.

Okay, I’ll try, I’ll tell you if it works

Is it Discourse Hub? <==================>

Yes. You would them connect to the devforum there.

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I was able to connect, but when I try logging in I get thsi error:

I’m not switching tabs/browser

Try restarting the app. This happens sometimes, and might be due to issues discourse is going through right now.

I tried re downloading the app, but it didn’t work, could it be because I’m logged in from more than one device?
Also I downloaded it from the App Store, could taht be the problem?

You should be able to authenticate. You’re supposed to download it from the app store. Logging from more than one account isn’t the issue. I’m logged in through Safari, DiscourseHub, and Chrome on the same device, as well as other browsers on other devices.

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What do you mean with authenticate? There’s no button that says ‘authenticate’

Authenticate just means to detect if you’re the correct individual who has access to something, it’s not a button.

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use google chrome for this then turn on “Request Desktop Site”

The problem is that I’m on iPhone and I use Safari

You can go to the app store and install chrome

It does have request desktop site too.


You are my saviour… thanks o much

I suggested something similar :slight_smile:

Yes, this moves the top bar to the top, but there’s still something on the bottom, that’s the closest you can get tho…

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