Make the proccess getting into devforum harder!

Alright, so lately I been seeing a lot of posts related to videos made by youtubers. For example some posts ask help about “Piggy” from alvin blox. Now don’t get me wrong it is right to ask questions, but the problem is these people don’t know scripting, because they just copied tutorials from youtube videos. So no amount of help can help them learn unless if they are actually willing to learn.

An other problem I am seeing is people asking questions like is youtuber x better then youtuber y, or something related to that. These questions honestly have the same answer. Watch what’s best for you. Plus it shows that OP had to intention to try out different tutorials and ect. An other problem I am seeing with these questions are it’s kinda insulting the youtuber who provides the content for people to learn.

Furthermore, I would also like to point out people asking people to make them scripts. The problem with this is this in in the scripting help category which is designed for help not to get free scripts! By asking free scripts they aren’t helping anyone. They’re cheating themselves AND wasting people’s precious time.

The problem is as devforum is becoming accessible to more people the quality of posts is deteriorating. It’s super easy to get into devforum even if you aren’t a dev. It’s nice to have more people but in my opinion they should first prove themselves before entering the forum.

This might change but honestly the scripting category is becoming worse and worse.


Following these tutorials are a part of learning.

The devforum should be a place where anyone (over 13) can find help in developing. Not a restricted well-known developer hangout. Being honest if this were to happen the DevForum would go back to being a way to flex your developing skills.


No no, my problem is not people following tutorials, its about them blindly following them and not learning, then asking why didn’t they’re script work because of small typos.

Edit: Also I’m not saying it has to be restircted to famous devs. Just have some sort of manual approval.

One problem I find with the devforum is people who are underage that make new accounts to get in and say “I accidently set my age wrong” So I would agree that there needs to be a better process instead of people easily being able to make alt-accounts.

But the DevForum is built with Discourse so there will be limitations.

Hmm ok, what I was thinking was some sort of post limitation if your are a new member. After that, if you want to become a member you need to prove yourself some sort of way, for example a small game you made or something, nothing big. But just allowing random people to enter devforum isn’t really a good idea. And if a new member posts something irrevalant 2 times they could be temp banned from posting

they shouldnt make it harder because the devforum isn’t meant to hold quality posts only. yes, there are a good amount that should not be on here, but instead they should remove user’s member status rather than making it harder to get member on here. roblox is meant for kids to learn to script to make their own games, and the devforum is supposed to be able to give access to ask questions and gain support.

yea, ppl shouldnt be asking for scripts, i agree with that, but the rest of it is fine. ever since the forums were removed, the devforum was not meant to be exclusive to high end developers anymore.

as far as people joining who don’t dev, its mainly because they need to use the bulletin board because roblox for some reason thought that it would make sense to completely remove the forums rather than making fixes to it. besides for the devforum, there is no where to post documents on roblox for groups/games to use. (except for if they wanted to put it in the actual game, but that wouldn’t be reasonable if you have tons of documents needing to be posted)

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If thats the case, then members who aren’t devs could be restricted to the bulltien board category

i really dont think it matters. personally i just stay away from topics of people asking for free scripts and other irrelevant posts. it would be nice if roblox made a separate forums website that is connected to roblox for groups to post on. i know before i became a member it was essentially impossible to create documents for groups/games unless i put it in a google doc (which would be against tos, so it would need to be in a discord server)

The DevForum started out as an application process for strict developers only but now it’s a public place for all members where it’ll assure you that your questions will be answered.

When I came back, I disagreed solely that it’s mostly full of stupid questions that have been answered but now I want to help people like they helped me when I started out.

There’s no need for another process, members aren’t exclusive to all parts of the forum along with Regulars. There’s no point as it’s a place to ask all your development questions freely.

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people have been complaining about others on the devforum since the day they made it this easy to become a member and roblox would have changed it by now if they really cared

you can’t distinguish all developers to see whos one or not, place visits and games out don’t help as there are a lot of members with projects soon out.

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I have as well been seeing a lot of PELASE HELP MEAS I NEEDS YOU TO WRITEZ ME A SCRIPPY as people asking about alvinblox and such

Remember that the trust level names “New Member” and “Member” were changed. “New Member” is now “Member” and “Member” is now “Regular”.

Anyways no. Instant no. You shouldn’t have to make a game just to use a resource. The developer forum is a resource for developers and it doesn’t make sense to be locked away because you need to waste time making a full game (which I and many others are incapable of because can’t do many roles alone) just to show your “skill”. DevForum membership is not a status symbol nor an “elite” group. It might have been that before the entry process was automated. Everyone should be able to freely ask questions, even “dumb” ones every now and then because we have all asked dumb questions at one point or another. And I am not talking about Roblox specifically. Maybe in real life you have asked stupid questions. Because I know I have.

Has a lot of the forum gone to shit? I won’t disagree. Though I can’t really say much because I was accepted through the automated process myself.


But its more becoming like ask question about a tutorial like forum. I would like to help people and tell them to refrain from posting these topics. The problem is when I do in DM’s they say things like devforum is very unehelpful ect.

Not specifically games, but anything which proves your willing to learn things like a small question tyoe thing like google forums which asks things like why do you like developing ect. And if the answers arent just one word answers then they could be accepted.

sorry off-topic but when was the automated process even created?

but definitely agree, the forums are not an elite club to show off as status to your friends or brag about it. everyone and anyone (above 13) has the ability to go on here for whatever support or development issues they have.

By browing the forum enough time until you hit the threshold to Member promotion you have proved to be willing to learn things. And using a form was literally how the application process worked.

It was started in January 2019. One year ago. Time flies doesn’t it?

i dont think that older developers (college students and higher mainly) realize that roblox is a childrens game (even though it isn’t rated as only for kids, its pretty clear its directed to kids <15). obviously you shouldnt expect these kids who want to be a developer and come on the devforum to act like someone who is 18+ because roblox wasn’t meant to be a place for professional developers to come and make games, it was originally intended for kids/teens to learn how to code and create their own games. anyone who wishes to make a game with a professional staff shouldn’t be using roblox if you don’t want all these kids coming on the devforum.


The problem is browsing is super easy to do. It doesn’t really prove you were willing to learn. I could just click random topics and scroll. A answer or forum sort of thing would encourage deeper thinking

It does. It shows you were so interested in development you spent hours and hours reading.

not everyone is experienced here and that’s a major reason why the process became automated, so it didn’t feel like an elite club that you have to be accepted in.

I see where you’re coming from but usually it’s from a lot of beginners and that’s why before you get a solution to OPs problem, there’s at least someone saying it’s already been posted.

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