Make the Rename keybind's functionality something similar to Blender's

As a Blender + Studio user it is currently disappointing to see that renaming assets in Roblox Studio is more tedious than it is in Blender.

In Blender renaming assets can be as quick as clicking on something and pressing F2 to bring up a rename dialogue as shown below:

And in Roblox you need to click on the asset, go to the explorer and either double click (which is janky at best) or click one and then press F2:

(you may not see it in the video but I attempted to double-click twice before pressing F2 for the text to be editable)

If Roblox were to improve this flow or possibly made it just like Blender’s, it would make renaming assets much faster. This would improve the time needed for removing the “Meshes/” prefix from imports without needing to install more UGC plugins for just this one purpose. It would also make changes to the object names easier on the fly and help keep developers focused on the most important thing - creating immersive and stunning experiences.


You can make that a custom command with this plugin for now:


I am aware of it but as said in the post, I’d rather not install plugins to add functionality to something that Roblox can improve upon and have that space wasted when I can have more useful plugins visible.

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As a blender user, I definitely support this. Too many clicks for something so simple. Renaming should be easy. Explorer takes up too much space for simple renaming. +1