Make the Tag Editor a Built-in Plugin


Make the Tag Editor a built-in Studio plugin.


The CollectionService is one of the most useful features introduced that allows for easy customization of objects by attaching certain properties to them. It is much cleaner than the old way of having dozens of Values inside objects to denote the nature of a certain object.

However, I have noticed that several people are not aware of its existence as one won’t come across it unless they’re specifically looking for it. Because of this, newer developers are still using Values for tagging Instances.


As a built-in plugin, the Tag Editor would be more difficult to miss and more developers would be aware of its existence. Scripters would cease to reinvent the wheel by creating custom tag systems. And because of how vital it is for a well-organised game, there is no reason not to have it. It’s arguably more important than localization or terrain plugins, which are built-in.

This would also save us time as we wouldn’t have to install or update it manually anymore. EDIT: this won’t be a problem once cloud plugins are live.


I agree with this. I didn’t even know tags existed until about 2 years after I started programming, when I saw someone talk about CollectionService and looked it up myself. Adding this would make it more discoverable.

Adding tags to the properties window, similar to Attributes, would also be really useful. They could go in the area below Attributes.