Make this gun look more like the image

so i am trying to copy the gun from warfork but in a more voxel style, but im not sure how to make it look better

(i know its too long but im trying to have it match the size of a ak47


Add soft ( I hope you understand what I am talking about ) black parts to the lines ( it looks a bit blocky in the game that you are talking about. ( or I am just blind. )
Also can you send a better picture… It is hard to understand something but rotate the right and left blocks ( the big ones / edges )

Screenshot 2022-12-03 at 8.12.20 AM
i just realized i can drop stuff… bruh

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second version-ish

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Well it looks good as a start… I think you can even use it like this ( A blocky gun like RCL but something more detailed… why not? )
If you are going to use meshs or similar stuff… then I just don’t have knowledge about them…
I tried looking to that gun’s images but there are no clear images… I couldn’t even find one O_O

i think thats because the game has little to no fanbase. ima try add more details, thanks :smiley:

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Use Highlights with the right properties for the black line.